Small Business Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways for a small business to generate leads - when people type a search term into Google or one of the major search engines, you need to make sure your somewhere near the top of the first page, or ideally in pole position.
Some of the keywords and phrases that businesses are optimising their websites for are more competitive than others (e.g. 'Mobile phones' will be harder to achieve a top position in than some of the more specific searches). Some agencies and search engine optimisation specialists promise the world and the top spot in Google but never deliver. 

We like to be upfront with our clients, we can't promise the top spots, but we have got a good track record of getting businesses there. One of our customers for example appears in the majority of the first half of the top Google page for over 4 of their search terms that we optimised for. The investment they made for us in their website was more than paid back in leads which found them  through the search engines, in the first few weeks of the website being live. They will then continue to reap such benefit for the long term, with only minimal intervention our part.
We are successful at search engine optimisation because we take a strategic approach:
  • We do the research to understand what keywords you would ideally be target
  • We analyse the volume of searches made for the keywords and phrases, so we can recommend which to target and what to expect in terms of seasonal variance
  • If we develop your website, we will structure this in such a way that it is search engine friendly
  • We can deliver effective search engine copywriting
  • We use a number of techniques to support the development, both on-site and off-site
  • We use analytics programmes to understand how the optimisation is performing and set improvement targets

 For more information about how we can support your search engine optimisation requirements, call us today on  0845 118 0053 or email We also offer a free one hour consultation, which we guarantee will deliver you at least one actionable insight to improve your marketing.


It's all about results:

Key words and phrases we have helped to rank highly for clients or for our own websites:

 Key word / phrase Position in Google
(Nov. 2010)
 Copywriting buckinghamshire
Sales directors marketing list
Travel buyers marketing list   1
 Conference buyers marketing list 1
 Health and safety managers marketing list 1
 Facilities managers marketing list 1
Marketing Campaign Package1
'Marketing  Oxon', 'Marketing Beds', and 'Marketing Cambs'
Solar PV Oxfordshire1
 House survey Bicester1
 Energy advice Banbury
 Home condition report Buckinghamshire
Home condition survey Oxfordshire 1
 16001 Nottingham
ISO 14001 Milton Keynes  1
 Energy rating services 
 Green marketing consultant 1
 Green tender support 

Remember that Google changes its own system and competitors conduct activity, these results can move up and down. They were correct at time of publication, November 2010. 

These results are just a few examples, for many of the surrounding towns, counties and services to the terms specified, we are ranking as highly for four times as many terms - bringing great leads into the website owners.