Small Business Marketing Planning and Strategy
Do you know what it is it that sets you apart from your competitors and why customers should choose you?
Having the right plans or strategy behind the marketing is crucial to ensuring marketing success, yet small businesses often do not have the time or employess with the necessary experience to carry out such a task.

Depending on your requirements,  we can work with your existing marketing strategy & planning, help refine them or will happily work with you to build them from scratch. Either way, we seek to ensure the plan is clear, simple and employees know how they can play their part in achieving the organisations objectives – every interaction with a customer is part of the marketing success.

We are a flexible, action driven consultancy - we develop plans in a manner that will see fast tangible action through us,  your employees or any third parties you have existing relationships with.

Customer requirements in this area can often include:

  • Defining a strategy to win new business or retain existing business
  • Selecting new markets suitable for a particular product or service and planning how to reach them
  • Gauging competitor activity in a market and subsequent positioning
  • Picking the right marketing mix and promotional mix in the planning stages
 For more information about how we can support your marketing strategy and planning requirements, call us today on  0845 118 0053 or email We also offer a free one hour consultation, which we guarantee this session will deliver you at least one actionable insight to improve your marketing.