Search engine optimisation - where do you start first?

There is some great stuff available on the web with regards to search engine optimisation SEO.

It's a bit of a buzz-word at the moment but with so many suppliers saying they offer it, you are right to want to know a little more about what it consists of before doing some basic SEO yourself or deciding you might want support with it and by whom.

Here's some tips we've picked up when we've been supporting clients with their website and SEO requirements.

-It's really important to choose the right website in the first place. Many sites, particularly those built in flash are much less conducive for SEO than their HTML counterparts for example.

-The keywords tools are a useful starting point, to research traffic levels for particule key words / phrases you might wish to target and and how competitive these are.

-Use niche and local terms to supplement the more competitive phrases relevant to your offering (e.g. rather than just optimising for 'books' try 'cheap childrens books in Kent' for example).

-To target your keywords and phrases, apply them consistently throughout the page / tags / titles and descriptions .

-Ensure the website has an XML sitemap in place

-Backlinks are a significant part of SEO effectiveness, some say in excess of 65%. Google, which controls around 90% of search traffic is looking for quality links, quantity is not as important - so that authorative backlink from a newspaper website for instance could make all the difference.

-There are many techniques to develop backlinks - be creative

-Try to ensure backlinks are one way (i.e. from their site to yours) and use anchor text e.g. 'data protection services' as the hyperlink, using the keywords, rather than the website URL - this really helps the search engines.

-Having a good RSS feed / blog and keeping it updated can do wonders.

-Be careful of 'blackhat' techniques, linking to/from dodgy sites, paying for links, keyword stuffing etc  - these can lead to removal of the website from the search engines indexes in the most extreme.

-Avoid duplicate content or the page will not be indexed an will achieve no SEO benefits.

-Use Google analytics / webmaster tools to keep ontop of results, test and improve

This is just the start of it, a few basic SEO techniques to get you goign and hopefully seeing some results. Great SEO takes time, if you would like to talk to one of our experts about how we could support your SEO cost effectively, call us on 0845 118 0053.

"Please click my site potential customer!"

Search engine optimisation is great becasue it gets customers coming to you - removing a lot of the necessary work in the sales cycle. The trick however is ensuring the customer finds you ahead of the competition.

So if you are going to get support from a 3rd party, what should you be looking for?

We would suggest:
  1. The price
  2. Evidence of success of the suppliers own site and client sites performing in the search engines for not just any phrase but well considered ones
  3. A commitment to working with you on an ongoign basis - if that is what you desire.
Have a look at some of the SEO results our team are achieving on our search engine optimisation (SEO) services page.