I'm starting up a business - what marketing do I need?

When you're starting up a business, there are so many different requirements on your time and capital – it’s a job to know where to start!

Along with legal advice, company registrations, accountancy, sourcing supplier and setting up the processes for delivering your offering, there is the marketing to attend to.

Why is marketing important and something that should be addressed so early in the process? Well it’s simple really, without marketing, there are no sales - without sales, there is no business to work on. Marketing really is the lifeblood of the company, sales and marketing are generally the only process that brings income into the business, rather than being another cost

You might be thinking - that’s all well and good, but with limited time and budget, what should you tackle first?

Our experience of working with many start-up and small businesses leads us to believe the following are your first marketing priorities:

·           Ensure you have fully thought through the reasons customers will be buying from you and if you have are a niche or new business model, that it has been properly researched or is being test marketed.

·         Work with a marketing expert to develop a marketing strategy and a marketing plan for the first few months that you can work towards. We offer free one hour consultations for such a purpose.

·         Look to get your first 5 customers quickly – start by using your friends, family, acquaintances and business contacts to achieve this. Give them a preferential price, great service and start generating referred business and great testimonials.

·         It might be appropriate for your business to do some networking locally to meet local businesses

·         Establish a credible brand image from the outset. Otherwise few people will take you seriously. If they look for you on the web and can’t find you, they will most probably go to the competitor they can find. This means getting your core collateral in place:

o   A website with some basic search engine optimisation (SEO) to bring in local leads

o   Business cards and letter stationary

o   Logo design

We offer all of the above in our startup marketing package at a great price.

Once all of these basics are in place, your marketing plan should lead you to more ambitious marketing activity, when time and capital allow.

Best of luck with your startup business – it’s an adventure, not easy but great when you start to see the fruits of your labours coming through.