Cleaning Your Marketing List Data
Whether it is data you have gathered yourself for a marketing list or puchased marketing list data (something we can supply), we believe that particularly from our experience in running business to business (b2b) and business to consumer (B2C) campaigns that it often helps to clean the list to maximise sales effectiveness. This involves checking the data:
  • Is the company still in operation
  • Does the individual still work for them?
  • Is the individual in the same position - do they still have the job title?
  • Have any other details changed?
  • Supplementing the record with additional data (e.g. when is their IT contract being renewed)
Our experience leads us to believe this step of refining the data ensures a better response rate can be gained, whether running a mail or telesales campaign - that is why we offer this as a seperate service.
If you need your marketing list checked against the Telephone Preference Service or Mailing preference service, this will be included in the data cleaning service, or we can offer it seperately.
For more information about how we can support your mailing list cleaning requirements and a quotation, call us today on  0845 118 0053 or email We also offer a free one hour consultation, which we guarantee will deliver you at least one actionable insight to improve your marketing.