Marketing Lists (Prospect Data)

Some sources report that up to 60% of the factors leading to the success of a direct marketing campaign is the marketing list used.
For a campaign, usually the most basic information you may require for your campaign will include:
  • The individuals name
  • The name of the organisation if you are targeting a business
  • The address and/or telephone number, depending on the type of campaign you are running
Much more advanced information is also available for a more highly targeted and more pesonalised approach, to boost your response rates.

Creating Your Marketing List
There are several ways that a good marketing list can be created to really kick start your campaign:
Source a list from us, we can produce you a marketing list:
  • 2. Using information from the leading data suppliers  - this is a cost effective way to get to accurate information about the target audience for your campaign. We have rapid access to millions of data records for targeting people at consumers at home (B2C), or in individuals in their business (B2B), across the UK or Europe.


  • 3. Manually produce a marketing list - we will research your requirement and produce information to your desired quantity and depth. This has the advantage  that information can be even more highly targeted, supplemented with additional relevant information about the audience and will as a result usually achieve higher response rates than purchasing the data (but it is a little more expensive than buying a list initially).
With either method of developing your marketing list, you can feel safe in the knowledge that:
  • The data will be at the higher end of accuracy for marketing lists - we work with the leading suppliers
  • We work hard to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and can help advise you of how to help ensure your business is compliant throughout your campaign
  • Our team includes Chartered Marketers, who will ensure your list is highly targeted.


Some (there are many more) of the fields of information we can supply you and use in the targeting:

B2C Targeting criteria include:
  • Geography
  • Newspapers read
  • Age of individual
  • Family size
  • Type of car
  • Household income
  • Interests
  • Subscriptions
  • Lifestage
  • If they support charity
  • Many more....
B2B Targeting criteria include:
  • Industry
  • Business size
  • Year established
  • New to the area
  • Number of employees
  • Geography
  • Number of properties
  • IT equipment
  • Turnover
  • Role of individual including:
  • Many more....