Small Business Market Research and Marketing Analysis

In the why use us section of the website, we explain that what we believe makes us different, is that we always seek to provide joined up thinking, recommending marketing research to underplan a well considered marketing approach, so insights from the research can be capitalised on in the proposition development, campaigns and communications. We believe there can be no substitute to focused research and analysis to ensure the effectiveness of marketing activity.
We provide bespoke approaches to each project, often combining a number of the following techniques:
Primary research:
We have experience running surveys, online surveys, depth interviews and focus groups for clients
Secondary (desk based) research:
A wealth of information is available online or in printed format. We have access to a number of the leading research publications, which outline industry trends, competitor activity, market size, segmentation etc.
  • Competitor Analysis: What are they doing, what are they communicating, how are you different and how can you gain the advantage?
  • Customer analysis: Which groups of customers are there, which should you be targeting, what do they want and what sorts of communications will respond to?
  • Market Analysis:  A method of prioritising the markets that are worth further researching and then analysis which of these should be priorities for entering, maintaining and withdrawing from, for maximising chance of success and return on investment.
  • PESTLE Analyis: A summary of  the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental trends in the marketplace, which ones you can take advantage of and which ones
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Every business has key stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, regulators and other interested parties. These are often important to engage, paricularly with issues such as green marketing and corporate social responsibility communications. This analysis ensures such engagement is pulled through to the communications effectively.
  • SWOT Analysis: A summary which outlines, based on detailed research, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats both internally to the business and in the marketplace. This provides a strong foundation for planning and managment decision making.
  • Portfolio Analysis: For organisations with a wide portfolio of products and/or services offered, this is a method of identifying which to focus on and which ones to deprioritise or stop offering. It does this through looking at sales, return on investment, market size, growth, potential and competitive rivalry for each.
For more information about how we can support your marketing research and analysis requirements, call us today on  0845 118 0053 or email We also offer a free one hour consultation, which we guarantee will deliver you at least one actionable insight to improve your marketing.