Sugar CRM hosting and Install
Marketing and sales activity needs close managment to ensure its success. This is especially true when undertaking direct marketing or marketing campaign activity. This is why we often work with clients to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to assist with this task. We prefer using Sugar CRM to support our clients with this activity.
The sorts of things a good Customer Relationship Management system will support your business include:
  • Recording information about customers and potential customers
  • Segmenting customers and potential customers into groups and regions, so activity relating to them can be prioritised
  • Tracking leads through the sales process, so that opportunities do not get overlooked or 'slip through the net'
  • Calenderised managment, so follow up activity can be implemented in a timely fashion
  • Management reporting, so you can see performance by:
    • Time
    • Individual / team
    • Region
    • Campaign
    • Value of opportunities in the sales pipeline
    • ...and through many other criteria
We keep this simple is the most important thing to remember, so that it works for your organisation, rather than constrains it with administration. The benefits of using us and taking such an approach can be significant:
  • We set the system for you securely online, with logins for as many of your employees as your require
  • We develop the system tailored to the nature of your operation, your data requirements and your campaign management needs
  • We will train your staff in the basics they need to use the system effectively and leave your with training documentation
  • We are responsive to any ongoing support requirements
  • For more information about how we could provide a Sugar CRM customer relationship managment system to support requirements, call us today on  0845 118 0053 or email We also offer a free one hour consultation, which we guarantee this session will deliver you at least one actionable insight to improve your marketing.