The Marketing Campaign Package

Small business marketing campaign package: - SAVE £840

If you’ve got an aspect of your business that needs  a focused promotional effort beyond the usual day to day activity, this package is designed with you in mind.

Examples include: Promoting the business to your existing market, a new market (e.g. export), or promoting a focused part of the business, (e.g. a particular product or service).

The benefits of the campaign package:

  • Access to expert Chartered Marketers, who have ran many campaigns for the largest brands
  • Everything you need to get your campaign running and start delivering lead
  • A competitive price – including a saving of 30% compared to purchasing these services separately from us!
  • A huge amount of value added at every stage through our advice, support and focus in ensuring a high quality results
 Hit the mark with your marketing campaign,
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Package Summary:
-Research and campaign planning
-Campaign pack (online or offline)
-Marketinglist of 300 records
-2 days telesales or SEO